We Offer Professional Excavating Services For Northeast Arkansas

Andy Cole offer more than just professional plumbing services. In need of demolition services? Learn what professional excavating services we offer, below.

Our Services Included:

Pre-Construction Services

Preparing the area for new construction is important to help lay the groundwork for the job at hand. Clearing the property of unwanted brushwork, leveling the future job site, and digging the needed trenches and holes for landlines and septic systems is a big part of what Cole's Plumbing and Excavating can do for you!

General Dirtwork

We have a wide range of skills to handle any project. Cole's Plumbing and Excavating will dig new ponds for that perfect yardscape. We can lay new drive-ways or slopes to fix drainage issues. Not sure what solutions you have available? Give Cole's Plumbing & Excavating a call today!


Full tear-downs or partial removals, Cole's Plumbing and Excavation can demolish it all! If you have specific requirements to leave the foundation intact for future builds or need a blank slate to work with and want it all removed, we are happy to help with your demolition project.

Building Pad Preperation

The starting point of any new construction job begins with a level, stable building pad. Whether your job is big or small, we have the equipment and experience to get you started. For further planning and questions, give Cole's Plumbing & Excavating a call!

Land Clearing

It's hard to start work on a new structure or prepare a new hay meadow when you have no clear place to put it! Get rid of that brush and treeline stalling the work! We are ready for any land clearing job.

Pond Building

We will help you find the best location on your property for a new pond! From building a proper slope to making sure drainage and overflow are no issue, we have the experience and skills to create a beautiful new pond you will benefit from for years to come!

Are You In Need of Our Services?

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